Article in the Journal of Asian Evangelical Theology

I’m very pleased to see my article “Unity and/in/or Diversity?: A Survey of Recent New Testament Theologies” appear in the latest issue of the Journal of Asian Evangelical Theology (JAET). JAET is a great journal covering all matters theological in an Asian context.

Here’s my introduction:

Recent years have witnessed an unprecedented explosion in the publication of New Testament theologies (NTT). This is likely due to a number of factors, including the growth of interest in biblical theology that moves beyond the mere historical- grammatical investigation of the text and especially the surge of concern for the theological interpretation of Scripture. Whatever the exact cause, though, students of NTT can be grateful for the multitude of options now available to them. Yet the proliferation of those options can make it difficult for those outside the discipline, and even scholarly insiders, to stay current with research.

While recent contributions have been diverse in style as well as approach, one common feature is their attention to the issue of the unity and diversity of the NT. The purpose of this article is to briefly survey some of the more important recent contributions to NTT, highlighting the ways in which they address this topic. I will argue that although the theme of unity and diversity has been treated in nearly every NTT publication, it has yet to be articulated in a way that does justice to the unifying narrative structure of the NT message while simultaneously taking account of the unique contribution of each NT document.

In order to make that argument, I will first examine a few recent NTTs, not attempting full-scale reviews but instead focusing on the treatment of unity and diversity found in each. I will conclude with observations on recent trends in NTT and suggestions for future study.

You can read the rest here.